Who are EPic Lemonade?

Epic Lemonade is an organization that brings communities together to support those in need when in crisis. We dream big and prove how resilient we can be, when we work together.

Our community was devastated by a mass shooting AND wildfires in the same 24 hour period. As a community of mothers and kids, we felt helpless and used our enforced time off school to create a way to help those directly affected.

We decided to get the kids baking and making lemonade for a stand, and at the time joked about making it really epic. To reach as many people as possible, we rallied our friends and soon the idea grew way beyond our circle, and word spread quickly. A short 48 hours after a casual planning meeting in a park, on a gorgeous Friday in November, something EPIC happened.

Thousands showed up for a drive-thru and walk-up lemonade stand and people dug very deep into their pockets. Through online donations, people attending the event, and cars just stopping at traffic lights throwing money in buckets, the little lemonade stand that could raised almost $70,000.

Through the VCCF (the Ventura County Community Foundation), the overwhelming generosity of our community helped hundreds of local families financially. But more than that, the event raised the spirits of a community by giving everyone a reason to feel hopeful again.


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Join in Epic Lemonade’s Giving Tuesday and give back to our community

Bring food and other items to our Epic Lemonade Drive-Thru Food Drives




Donate to Epic Lemonade’s Giving Tuesday Fundraiser

 Support the Epic Lemonade Fund at VCCF. Remember to select ‘Other’ fund and reference “Epic Lemonade” in the comments



Donate to Epic Lemonade’s Giving Tuesday campaign. Funds will be used to provide gifts to local families in need

Donate a new/unwrapped gift for Action VC’s Community Christmas Shoppe 

Donate canned food for Food Share’s CAN-Tree drive

Remember to follow Epic Lemonade on social media to stay informed and get involved

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“We needed to help, and we did! Now, we continue to bring people and communities together, with kindness and generosity! we help those in need and do epic things”

Shannon Atkins

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Please contact us: info@epiclemonade.com